Short Bio:
Francisco Rebollo is a writer and airline pilot.  He is the author of the novel: 'ORB' - An Aeronautical Love Story from an Altered World. His poetry and articles have been included in international newsletters and several on-line publications. In 2015, he made the 'Word on the Waves'  poetry competition long list. His articles have been featured in the local press. Francisco has been a pilot for nearly 20 years and has been writing since he was in his teens. Originally from Mexico, he now lives in Ireland.
Long Bio:
           Hi, my name is Francisco Rebollo. I'm a writer and pilot.
           I've been an airline pilot since 1998. I'm from Mexico. I've flown and lived across Europe and North America. In 2013, I suffered injuries and got grounded. During those 16 months on the ground, I turned to my writing as a way to get over what was a very difficult time. After a long journey, I am back flying again.
           I have just finished my first novel:
           'ORB' An Aeronautical Love Story from an Altered World.
           The novel deals with flying, love, migration, the paranormal, war, spirituality and the nature of the superstate. The book is fiction but is also based partly on my own experiences in the air.
           'Fractals' (a poetry collection) is also in production.
            I began my writing career as a songwriter.
            I attended music colleges in Mexico and USA.
            I began writing poetry while backpacking across Europe during the trip which eventually brought me to Ireland - where I now live permanently.
            My poem: 'MIND GAP (London Fireworks)' made the 'Word on the Waves' 2015 long list.
            My articles ‘Why Mexicans Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in September’ and  'The flower of Twenty and the Day of the Dead' have been featured in the ‘West Cork People’ (Mar 2014/Oct 2014.)
            My poetry has featured in e-publications like: 'Poetry24,' 'The Poetry Daily,' 'Democracia Real Ya!', and 'El Fugaz Ciberdiario;' as well as 'Zaytoun CIC's' website and newsletter.
            I perform regularly at 'pSoken Wrod' (a renowned 'spoken word' event in west Cork, Ireland.)
            'ORB' An Aeronautical Love Story from an Altered World will be available soon. (Summer 2015).


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