ORB - a Sci-Fi Romance Novel

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An Aeronautical Love Story from an Altered World
a novel by Francisco Rebollo



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Part Spiritual/Paranormal Sci-Fi, part Techno-Mystical Thriller. (Please see Blurb below...)

Publisher: Maha Books
264 pages paperback
dimensions: 14.5cm x 21.5cm x 1.5cm
Language: English
ISBN: 978-0-9933908-0-7

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After 18 years as a professional pilot, I can honestly say that there have been things up there in the sky which I've seen and have left me spellbound.

Years of cruising and looking out the window of my aircraft at the world below or the sky above, have combined with my 'runaway imagination' to produce a story which offers a possible explanation to my innermost questions.
Knowing that there is nothing more wonderful than the love of a child,  I decided to make this the driving force in my novel.
The 'altered world' in which events take place, is not that different form ours; and yet we could all easily find ourselves in it if we are not careful, or worse... leave it to future generations to be born into.
After commencing the 3rd draft of this novel it became clear to me that my subconscious had been busy for years at bringing a lot of experiences and questions together.

‘A pilot longs to be a father…
A child with a gift…
An irresistible intruder…
An encounter with the unknown…
the Orb nears.’

All is about to be unveiled…
Oannes Jones is an airline pilot living in a much altered world where a pervasive technology seeps into every part of people’s lives in order to create a compliant, unthinking society.
He believes he has found his purpose in playing father to Riply, a young girl not his own. But he also feels hopelessly torn between two women, one of whom is Riply’s mother.
And then it happens: a dangerous mid-air encounter with a mysterious ball of light – the Orb.
The encounter awakens him to a new reality. Life, the world and even dreams begin to look and feel different. His friends begin to change as well. Clues are laid out for him to follow, most of them provided by Riply.
As dark forces begin to encircle, something happens that will change everything for many people, not least for the child whom Oannes loves.

The Orb nears.
Everyone changes.
Here goes the autopilot…





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